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Environmentally friendly attract and kill unique wide range of products to control key pests

New exclusive novel crop protection technology consist of a unique blend of botanicals, green chemicals and bio stimulants without any residuals and no PHI.


IQLURE is an brand name of Crop IQ Technology for a wide range of monitoring pher

A portfolio of bio stimulants offers  a potentially novel approach for the modification of physiological process in plants to stimulante growth, to mitigate stress-induced limitations, and to increase yield

Rescue your honey bees by the most effective controlled-release treatment device to control Varroa mites.

Environment friendly plastic based products impregnated with specific pheromones and glue to effectively monitor and control key pests 


If you have any issues concerning plant pests, pathogens, Abiotec/biotec stress, crop nutrition or fertilization, get in touch with me.

I’m available exclusively at planet earth, with Crop IQ to answer you!

I’m here, what do you need to know?

By utilizing IQ Early Protection Program “IQEPP”, eradication programs can be put in place before significant damage to crops is caused.

If you have a government project or tender, CIQ is the only European organization offering specific customized solutions with unique quality and good value for money. 

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Nematode is the most destructive group of plant pathogen feed on crops roots, reducing the plant ability to uptake water and nutrients and responsible for heavy yield crop loses in fruits and...

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